Utility nodes that are hard to categorize.


Combine two streams into one. You can also call it “Time-Division Multiplexer” where a has higher priority.

(Input) a
Anything you like.
(Input) b
Anything you like.
(Output) Result
The value of either a or b. When they arrive at the same time, the value of a is outputted.


Reduce the output firing rate by dropping too frequent inputs. Output the last input in a particular time span.

That is, When anything arrives at the input, a timer will start. No output will be produced before the timer fires up. In the meanwhile, when anything arrives at the input, the timer will be reset without firing up. Only when the timer fires up, will there be the last input outputted.

(Attribute) Threshold (Milliseconds)
The time span to prevent too frequent data.
(Input) a
Anything you like.
(Output) Result
The last a before the timer fires up.


Output Value only when some thing arrives at Trigger. You can also call it “Side-chain Edge Trigger”.

(Input) Value
Anything you like.
(Input) Trigger
Anything you like to make the Value goes to the output.
(Output) Value
Output the last input Value when there are something coming to Trigger. Nothing will be outputted if nothing is coming to Trigger.


A count down timer with 1 second precision.

Remaining time (in seconds) will be outputted constantly every second until it reaches 0 and the 0 is outputted.

For example, you send 60 to the input of the node, it will then output 60, 59, 58, ..., 2, 1, 0 one at one second.

(Input) Time (Seconds)
The remaining time to count down. It's undefined behavior to input anything less than 0.
(Output) Time Remaining
The time remaining is outputted once per second. Nothing more will be outputted after 0 is outputted.
Last updated on 19th Sep 2016